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Master a more seamless, professional look for your mobile photos with my personal lightroom mobile presets! These are the exact presets I use to edit my own mobile photos! Purchase comes with a totally FREE guide to using the presets, which includes tips on shooting your images to ensure the best possible results!

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Any photographer knows, presets are only as good as your understanding of how to use them! I would never leave you high and dry. Find out how to use the presets effectively!

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When taking a photo, remember to be conscious of your light source! If you're inside, window light is the best. Overhead lighting is ICK! (It will make terrible shadows under your eyes!) So turn off the lightswitches and hug up next to a window! For best results, try to avoid having your back to the light source.

When you're outside during broad daylight, aim to be  just slightly in the shadows. I usually look for the shadow from a tree or nearby building, and place my subject just at the edge of the shadow.  Being in the bright, blaring sun is a good way to get stuck with color casts, ugly shadows, and hot spots! 

When the sun is a little milder, in the morning or evening, you have a little more freedom in terms of where you place your subject. This is the best time to place them near water or anything that reflects light! Generally, at this time of day, I keep me subjects back to the light source (the sun!) This gives a beautiful rim light around their hair, and a nice orange sunset glow in the background.

Remember, when it's foggy or overcast outside- you can basically go wild shooting! The lighting is soft, diffused, and ideal for photography!

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