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Intimate portraiture is all about reclaiming your body. I know you've been through hell- because this is life, and we've all been there. Depression, anxiety, divorce, abuse, addiction, failures... the list goes on forever. Booking yourself a shoot to bear it all is like saying: I DECIDE. It's like sky diving- you're terrified to do it, but you face your fears jump because you know the sense of freedom you'll get is beyond compare.
What I want you to understand, is that this is much deeper than just being "sexy". This is an experience for those of us who've struggled to love ourselves, those of us who've spent our whole lives afraid of what others think, and those of us who need something radical to set us on a new path. Chances are, if it scares the hell out of you- it's worth doing.

How about we just be whatever the hell we want?  
Lean in to the messy, chaotic beauty of life, love, and that amazing body of yours! 

We need to be thinner! No, wait- curvier! Or is it smarter? Let's be smarter! WAIT- NO! That's too smart! So, let's be independent? Umm, maybe not THAT independent.  Ok, let's try sexy? WHOA girl- Who do you think you are flaunting all that sexy? Modesty please! And girl- WHERE are those cupcakes you were supposed to bake for the school fundraiser?!


working with jade

- Colette

I was on the fence about doing a session for a very long time. Being a bigger woman I was terrified, I knew what I saw when I looked in the mirror... but Jade showed everyone, myself included, that I really am beautiful. It's something I was afraid to do, but it was a really rewarding experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

"jade showed everyone, myself included, that I really am beautiful"


The work Jade does is absolutely astounding. Five ssessions with her in less than four years should say something. She has opened our eyes to the magical world of boudoir photography. Boudoir is an investment that is worth its weight in gold.  A true 5 star photographer, Jade will always be my go-to photographer.

"boudoir is an investment that's worth its weight in gold."



praise from clients:

-Boudoir is a luxury service that requires a lot of time and planning. Because of this, I limit myself to 6 sessions per month. On average, I am booking 3 months in advance, but that often fluctuates. A minimum wait of 30 days is required to ensure the client has had adequate time to find the right outfits for their body type. 

-Plan for a 3 month wait period.

How far in advance should I book?

frequently asked questions:

As a general guideline, I tell everyone to bring a "warm up piece", like a little black dress, chunky knit sweater, cute t-shirt or something they feel sexy in. Most people bring something cute and sexy as a second outfit, and then their "naughty" lingerie as a third outfit. However, at the end of the day I want you to pick 3 stellar pieces that you FEEL amazing in, and that give you a confidence boost. I also love when people bring interesting pieces, like a jean jacket, a guitar, or a great pair of sunglasses.
All clients receive a full, detailed prep guide prior to their session at the time of booking.

-3 outfits, plus the option for nude as a fourth "outfit"

"What should I bring for outfits?"


Once your gallery is ready in 4-6 weeks, a viewing session is booked. From there, we go through together to find your favourite photos, and decide on your album  and payment plan options. Once full payment is received, your order is sent off, and delivered right to your door within 8-10 business days!

-Four to Six weeks is the standard wait time.

"how long does it take to get my gallery after a session?"


-Robin & Robert

"jade is a master at her trade, folks. this experience is worth every penny!!"



The complete boudoir experience is $700, and includes my prep guide, complete with styling advice and connections to the best local hair stylists and makeup artists! Your session will be about 90 minutes-2 hours long, depending on how easily you relax for the camera (Don't worry, I've got so many tricks up my sleeve for helping you relax!) and your final images will be delivered 4-6 weeks later via online gallery, with a $100 print credit toward a professionally designed album, and a free app for your phone! 


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